Rotating Detailed-CLEAN SYSTEM

Recurring Cleaning

We use a ROTATING DETAILED-CLEAN SYSTEM to ensure that our clients homes always meet the high standard of cleanliness. We use this system to ensure that our clients are always satisfied and can expect a consistently clean and beautiful space.. all the time. If you have no  time at all to clean those high traffic areas of your home on a weekly basis? Allow OMNIMAIDS to listen to exactly how you like your cleaning done. If there is something that's not on checklist that you would want to add on, we can also custom design you a rotating detailed-clean system. Spend your time with family or friends and leave the cleaning up to us. Considering weekly or bi weekly services, just contact us by phone (702) 750-6344 for Maid Service in Las Vegas and House Cleaning in Las Vegas


Kitchen & Eating Area:

We provide these services every visit

General dusting (top to bottom, left to right-to include wall hangings, light fixtures and window sills)

Doors and door frames cleaned 

All items removed from counters and counters cleaned 

Exterior of large appliances 

Top of refrigerator 

Inside and out of microwave 

Sinks scrubbed and shined

Exterior cabinets spot checked 

Trash emptied 

Carpet and area rugs vacuumed 

Floors vacuumed or washed (including baseboards) 

Stovetop and drip pans cleaned

*These services will be rotated*

Interior window glass above sink cleaned *

Table and chairs cleaned *

Give special attention to all cabinets and baseboards*

Dust the high zones*

Clean small appliances*

Bathrooms Area 

We provide these services every visit

All rugs vacuumed 

General dusting (to include wall hangings, light fixtures and window sills)

All items removed from sink and counters, cleaned and replaced 

Exterior Cabinets and doors spot checked 

Shower scrubbed, cleaned and shined 

Garden tub and surrounding area scrubbed, cleaned and shined 

Toilet disinfected and cleaned 

Trash emptied 

Floors mopped and vacuumed

All mirrors cleaned

*These services will be rotated*

Clean shower tracks*

Window sills*

Clean out garbage can*

Special attention given to floors and baseboards*

General Living Areas

We provide these services every visit

Hallways & Stairs cleaned

General dusting 

Family room furniture vacuumed 

Tidy up beds 

Trash emptied 

Carpets vacuumed & groomed  

Hard floor surfaces washed (including baseboards  

*These services will be rotated*

Under furniture cushions vacuumed*

Give all ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds and switches special attention*

Baseboards cleaned*

We also offer add-on cleaning services that can be added to any of our service packages

Interior Refrigerator 

Interior Oven

Windows Inside only window sills, tracks and frames.



Clean outdoor furniture


If there is a service you don't see listed here, please contact us to discuss.

         We will be more than happy to customize any personal cleaning requests.